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Amsterdam en 2007

Medical Implication of Oral Amoebiasis

M. Bonner

International Institute of Periodontology, Trois-Rivières, Canada


Periodontal disease affects a majority of adult population. Entamoeba gingivalis
is always present as confirmed by phase contrast microscopy. Tissue destruction
may be caused by proteolytic enzymes in part released from host PMN
leucocytes lysed by amoebas. Local consequence is destruction of the maxillary
bone surrounding teeth. Elimination of E. gingivalis ensures rapid healing
of chronic and aggressive form of the disease. Periodontitis in known to
adversely affect glycemic control in diabetes, is associated with an increased
risk of cardiovascular complication and increase risk for pre-term low birth
weight delivery. Although bacterial infection is primary, oral amoebiasis has
important medical implications.


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