Periodontal Health : Modern Microbiological Approach

A seminar by Dr. Mark Bonner


Learn our pain-free step-by-step protocol to cure periodontal disease

Periodontitis is an infectious disease caused by plaque or non-plaque-induced gingivitis with subsequent secondary parasitic infection by Entamoeba gingivalis and/or Trichomonas tenax.

Periodontal disease is a specific Oral Amebiasis and/or Oral Trichomoniasis infection secondary to a gingival inflammation with furnishes nutriments to aggressive acquired parasites from direct or indirect vector as most parasitic infections.

Clinically, periodontitis is easy to prevent and treated when monitoring the biofilm with a hospital-grade phase-contrast microscope. Recurrence is low as long as gingivitis is discarded. Regeneration of hard tissue is predictable in vertical defects while health is maintained for a sufficient period. Inflammation is easily controlled via biofilm monitoring and microscope. Tissue regeneration occurs when infection and inflammation have vanished.


Periodontal Disease is Early Detectable, Easily Preventable and Completely Curable.


Breakthrough Treatment for Periodontitis

The recent use of polymerase chain reaction (PCR) has detected the amoeba in more than 76% of diseased sites (Trim 2011, Santi-Rocca 2012, Bonner 2014) and has demonstrated its absence in all situation of healthy gingiva. All these studies originally initiated from clinical microscopy allow the practicing dentists, on the one hand, to visualize either the pathogen biofilm in periodontal disease situation or healthy commensal biofilm according to the gingival condition. This technic, on the other hand, allows exceptional clinical results. This protocol is also pertinent and efficient for any dental practice involved in a parasitic component of periodontal diseases and implantology.

The periodontal therapy protocol proposed by Dr. Mark Bonner includes microscopic visualization of the biofilm in all examinations and all appointments for the entire periodontal treatment and maintenance. Teaching and practicing complete hygiene care in real-time in dentists’ offices become part of every appointment during treatment. Disinfection is done by repeated application of topical antiparasitic medication based on hydrogen peroxide 1% and Torrens Powder (slightly salty bicarbonate), by the use of topical metronidazole paste onto gum crevice as well as a systemic antiparasitic and an antifungal when required. This disinfection phase is followed by root subgingival scaling strictly limited to the use of sonic or ultrasonic instruments, once and only once disinfection is confirmed.

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The seminar, « Periodontal Health: Modern Microbiological Approach », covers all aspects of The Bonner Method. In addition to the theoretical foundations, participants will discover clinical cases and a series of practical tools.



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    Tuition: 4 600 UDS for the 4 days, for a dentist and his staff (assistants, secretaries: maximum 3 people).

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    “I was on a quest to find a parasite, an amoeba. Although I didn’t see one for two weeks, I certainly ironed out any technique problems along the way. As time went by and I started to see all the pathogens and defense cells we were taught on the course, my confidence grew. Many of my patients shared in my journey to become competent and together we viewed so many motile bacteria and finally parasites, which once seen in such clarity on a 32 inch tv screen there is no denying that gingivitis and periodontal disease is a severe infection and steps must be taken to eliminate it and prevent its return.”

    Dr N. Cluer

    Aare you ready to go to the root of the problem?

    The vast majority of your patients will achieve complete healing within the first year.