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Did your health care professional tell you about periodontitis? Are your gums swollen, red or bleeding? Are you looking for an alternative to surgical treatments?

Periodontitis is an infectious disease. Dr. Mark Bonner has pioneered a method to eliminate this disease, based on a documented protocol, with a success rate of over 95%. This method essentially consists of removing germs and then allowing your gums to heal. For more than twenty years, Dr. Bonner has been teaching this gentle, non-surgical medical practice to practitioners. The results are impressive: the vast majority of patients achieve complete healing within the first year.

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The effects of periodontitis

Many studies now directly link gum infections to general health, including cardiovascular disease, diabetes, stroke, osteoporosis and premature births of low birth weight babies. Treating a gum infected with periodontitis therefore makes it possible to avoid major health problems. The search for possible periodontitis even becomes one of the prerequisites for many surgical procedures. This is also the reason why it is good to ask yourself some questions about general health because many can find their explanation in the presence of periodontitis: do you suffer from chronic lung diseases? Do you suffer from chronic fatigue? Do you have heart failure or osteoporosis? If you have diabetes, do you have trouble controlling your blood sugar?

The symptoms

How do you know if you are infected? The ultimate consequence of periodontal disease is the loosening of the tooth. Fortunately, however, there are symptoms of periodontitis before this stage that should encourage you to consult. The first two signs of incipient periodontitis are bleeding gums and bad breath. Breath reflects the type of flora in the mouth: in periodontitis, the infection causes very bad breath. Other symptoms: pain, swelling and redness.. All these warning signs of a gum problem should encourage you to consult early. Indeed, bacteria and parasites have passed under the gum and initiate "damage" in the underlying tissues..... and the earlier the disease is diagnosed, the more the aesthetic and functional consequences of the disease are reduced... and the simpler the treatment is.

How to heal

The traditional methods applied by most dentists and periodontologists are mainly mechanical or surgical and are limited to removing tartar build-up around the teeth. Periodontal disease being an infectious disease, our method consists in eliminating germs from the gums by using disinfectants adapted to your mouth. This will avoid painful surgical techniques. Practitioners who apply the Bonner Method attack the microbes themselves to prevent recurrence. Throughout the treatment, you will be encouraged to collaborate through simple practices that you will apply at home. The method is totally painless and the results are almost complete.
Diagnosing periodontitis can be an interesting avenue to explore for many health problems.

Dr. Mark Bonner

The Bonner Method

The approach developed by Dr. Bonner is based on 4 simple steps.

The diagnosis

We will first establish a diagnosis by taking the germs that are present in your mouth. We will also measure the loosening of your teeth to determine the extent of your infection.

The analysis

We will then proceed to the microscopic analysis of your flora. The microscope is a central element of our method since it will allow us to manage and adapt your disinfection until we obtain a normal flora representative of gum health.

The treatment

Once the diagnosis is made, we will start the treatment with sessions about once a month for a few months until we have negative samples of the pathogenic microbes. The treatments are always painless.

Removal of calculus

Once the infection is under control, we will eliminate the tartar hidden under your gum and the healing can then begin. After a few months, you will then be healed permanently and you will be able to keep your teeth and smile. Simply monitor the factors of contamination in your surroundings.
Did you know that gum disease is more of a gum infection... ... than a lack of care!

The microscope

Our main ally in the treatment
Normal dental plaque Coccis, filaments, epithelial cell and absence of bacterial motility.
Spirochetes gingivitis plate vibrating and strong motility.
Amoeba Active amoeba amoeba with its uroid, nucleus and six phagocytes in a chronic periodontitis.

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