Managing Oral Microbiota to Cure Periodontitis

With Dr. Mark Bonner

©BONNER METHOD - Microscopically controlled antibacterial, antiparasitic and anti-inflammatory treatment to cure any periodontitis, no pain no surgery

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In this webinar, you will learn the basics of a step-by-step protocol developed by Dr. Mark Bonner to cure periodontitis, moderate to severe stage. All registrants will get practical tools, like our Patient charting tool and our Parodex (a unique monitoring tool). Also, you will see how clinical microscopy can change the way you see periodontal disease. Diagnosis, even at early stages, becomes easy.

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In the webinar you will learn:

  • Paradox of medical periodontics
  • Elements of microbial composition
  • Biofilm according to state of periodontal health
  • Pharmacopoeia in relation to periodontal healing
  • Place of patient's autonomy in the healing process
  • Basics of treatment protocol
  • Use of microscope

    Webinar Speaker

    Mark Bonner, DDS

    Born in Canada, Dr. Mark Bonner became a leader in modern periodontology, contributing greatly to dental education and periodontal literature. He has developed a breakthrough treatment to cure mild to severe periodontitis, without surgery. In 1995, Dr. Mark Bonner founded The International Institute of Periodontology, a school that has trained more than 1 000 practitioners around the world.

    Blending science with chairside patient care, Dr. Bonner’s programs transform the traditional periodontal emphasis on bacteria to anti-inflammation management and parasites elimination, the root cause of the disease. Dr. Bonner’s many years’ experience training dental professionals is evident in his straightforward, informative, and entertaining teaching style. His realistic, balanced approach to periodontal success coupled with his solid systems and protocols empowers the dental professional to improve case acceptance, boost team effectiveness and increase productivity!

    Periodontitis doesn't have to be a fatality.

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    Basics of Bonner Method

    The Bonner Method mainly target the elimination of pathogens, including amoebae from the infected pockets, the lowering of motile bacterial activity below 1%, confirmed under visual microscopy, and removal of all inflammatory cells.

    To do so, the patient will use hydrogen peroxide as toothpaste as well as Torrens powder, applied two times a day, to the gum line with a wet clean finger. Bass-modified four-stroke is recommended for brushing

    Metronidazole cream, with Nystatin is applied topically by the patient three times a day for a period of 3 months if parasites are presents. The cream can also be applied in the deepest pockets at the end of each appointment. Systemic antiparasitic medication must be previligied if amebiasis is initially present and persistent, or if the risk of losing a tooth is high.

    Once the infection is under control, subgingival calculus removals without using any sharp curettes is recommended. We limited our work to ultrasonic tools; the treated quadrant being anesthetized, while making sure by microscopic evaluation that the commensal biofilm on the three deepest affected teeth was maintained.

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