Offer your patients a sustainable solution to periodontitis

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Microscopically controlled antiparasitic treatment to cure periodontal disease

Identify, prevent and cure all periodontitis through clinical microscopy

The International Institute of Periodontology has set itself the target of supporting practitioners in the implementation of the Bonner Method, a modern medical approach, aimed at solving periodontitis cases in a sustainable way.

The techniques and working tools of periodontal follow-up pioneered by Dr. Mark Bonner allow for systematic healing, by restoring a so-called healthy microbial flora, compared to traditional methods that often only delay the disease or stabilize it without curing it. The results are exceptional: focused on the disappearance of oral parasites, treatment of the infection is followed by stopping bleeding, eliminating bad breath and closing the periodontal fissure in a proportion of 95 to 100%. Therapy of a mainly pharmacological nature is based on similar medical treatments for intestinal and genital parasites. Indeed, two diseases well known to our fellow doctors recall the same phenomenon.

Are you a patient? Would you like to know how Dr. Bonner's approach can help you cure periodontitis?

© The Bonner Method

An easy examination for all practitioners, in collaboration with the patient.
A revealing diagnosis thanks to the examination of the microbiota
A rigorous checklist that allows you to apply the method 100%.
A delegation and a simple communication to the assistant allowing you to save time
Find out how to apply the Bonner Method by participating in the seminar "Periodontal Health". Would you like to learn more about Dr. Bonner's approach? Click here.

A microscopic approach

The microscopic approach clearly confirms your diagnosis, the progress of the treatment and the complete recovery. This tool is at the heart of the approach developed by Dr. Bonner.


Parasites in active periodontitis are overflowing with about ten ingested PMN nuclei, leaving the patient's immune system helpless.


Under microscopy, the health biofilm now presents an immobile commensal flora free of inflammation: the reflection of perfect periodontal health obtained for sure.


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